Monday, April 28, 2008

lucky 13?

i leave for south africa in 13 days. i pledge to try my hardest to keep up with this thing while i'm over there. i think you can leave me comments? if not just email me and i'll respond as quickly as possible. (

10 points to whoever can name the artist who wrote the song i've used as the title of my blog. I will know if you cheated/Googled.


mom and dad said...

i miss you already! i am so proud of you! oxoxoxoxox

alex. said...

hey katie..

just got your message. super looking forward to you guys coming as well. also, please dont be nervous! its going to be great. definitely an eye-opening learning experience, but in a wonderful way.

as far as what to wear, what you suggested sounds perfect. as you will see, its a fairly casual environment, so as long as you look tidy and put together you will be fine.

when do you leave canada? and you arrive in cape town exactly when?

will keep you posted on any specific requests, although at the moment i think things will be quite flexible. should have more information for you in the next day or so...

speak soon!

alex :)

ps. if you want to send me your email address i can send you my phone number if you want to call and chat before your departure.

Carolyn said...

Hey Katie your blog is great. I feel like I'm there with you!Love ya,Hey I love sea glass. Carolyn